Clone Wars Match is a united player activity for star wars republic commando.

Set up

To get the set up right make sure you type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.clonetrooper. To make sure the republic is represented by clone troopers.


Clonetroopers can only use blaster rifles, sniper rifles, anti-armor attachment, or heavy repeaters (chain guns). Droids get different abilities depending on what class they play as. Driods will be represented by Trandoshan team. Trandoshans will represent the droids.

Here are the trandoshan ranks:

  • Battledroids: This is the starting class. These droids can only use blaster rifle, acp, or sniper rifle.
  • Superbattledroids: This class is unlocked after 5 kills. Superbattle droids use blaster rifle or acp with wrist rocket (1 anti-armor shot per fight) as their special ability.
  • Droidecias or Commando Droids: Both of these classes are unlocked after 10 kills where the player can pick either of these classes to progress as or chose to stay a prievous class. Droidecias sprint with pistols then switch to blaster rifles or acps when fighting. Droidecas can only shoot when crouched. Commandos droids can use aa, ww,ss, and dd special moves to jump around quickly in batle. Commando droids only shoot with blaster rifles, sniper rifles, acps, or vibroblades (shot guns they only melee with).
  • Magnaguards: These droids only melee with sniper rifle and can use pistols for sprint only as a option.

Special Modes

Like many United Player Activities Clone Wars Match has its special modes.

  • Battle of Umbara: Umbarans play on Trandoshan team. Umbarans are not allowed to jump ,but are allowed to crouch. Umbarans get thermal dets and bowcasters. Clone troopers get blaster rifles, chain guns, and sniper rifles.
  • Battle of Ryloth: The host must type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.battledroid. This mode is a little confusing. Twileks play for Trandoshan and CIS plays for republic. Twileks are actually representing the Republic. Battledroids are allowed to use blaster rifles, acps, sniper rifles, or concussion rifles (special weapon). Twileks get blaster rifles, sniper rifles, or blaster pistols.