After order 66 the wookiees sided with the jedi and fought the clones for a brief period. The republic team will be the clones team where all clones will be clone troopers. The traqndoshan team will represent the wookiees.


The wookiees will be able to use bowcasters, rocket launchers, or if they don't have those weapons then they will have to be beserkers which are wookiees that only melee with blaster rifles. Wookiee beserkers or wookiee vangaurds (wookiees with rocket launchers) are not allowed to throw grenades. However, wookiees with bowcaster are allowed to use thermal detinators.  No pistols for any reason. 


Clone troopers will be allowed to use Republic weapons such as the blaster rifle, sniper rifle, the anti-armor attachment (aa) and the concussion rifle (which will represent the emp launcher).