Old Republic match is a United Player Activity for Star Wars Republic Commando.


In Old Republic Match there are two teams the Republic and the Sith Empire. The Sith Empire will be represented by the trandoshans. All trandoshans will be sith and will only melee ,but can melee with any weapon except for chain guns. The Republic will start off as jedi who are clone commandos who can only melee with any weapon except concussion rifles.

Once a jedi dies he will be replaced by a republic trooper who is a clone trooper that can only shoot with a blaster rifle,acp repeater,acp heavy repeater,bowcaster, or concussion rifle.

How to make these matches

The host of the match will need to type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.clonetrooper but, must make sure he or she does this AFTER the players join that way everyone still gets to start off as a jedi (clone commando that can only melee) and once they are killed they will respawn as republic troopers.

Special Variants

There are many special modes for Old Republic Matches.

  • Swotor Mode: The main mode for Old Republic match (listed above) is based off KOTOR but, this mode is based off of SWOTOR. In this mode every player on the republic starts off as a republic trooper but, these republic troopers are more powerful then the ones in the KOTOR based mode because the republic troopers in this mode are represented by clone commandos who use blaster rifles, acp repeaters, sniper rifles, and bowcasters. Plus these republic troopers can use flashbags and thermal detinators. After a republic trooper gets 15 kills he or she becomes a jedi (a clone commando who can only melee with any weapon except a concussion rifle and can use flashbags). All of the sith will still melee with any weapon except chain guns. To make sure these commandos do not have a speed advantage over the sith the host must type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.clonetroopers.
  • Old Republic Zombie Mode: In this mode the republic commandos represent jedi. Make sure the host starts by entering ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.clonetroooper. The round starts with one zombie. Jedi will be represented by clone commandos that can only melee. At first both sides can only melee ,but the jedi can't melee with concussion rifles or rocket launchers. When a jedi is killed they must switch to the zombie team and the last jedi to become a zombie has to be the new zombie next round. By the second round the jedi will be replaced with republic troopers. Republic troopers are clone troopers that can shoot with blaster rifles, bowcasters, sniper rifles, acp repeaters, heavy acp repeaters, and concussion rifles.