Rampage is a united player activity for star wars republic commando where red team has to fight a army of super battle droids.

Set up

Before the match begins the host must type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.superbattledroid. Some times the code will have to be reset because of how much it changes gameplay.


Trandoshans made multiple super battle droids in a factory to fight the wookiees until wookiees hacked the super battle droids making them rise againsted their masters.


Trandoshans are allowed to use all weapons except anti armor attachments and rocket launchers.


There are multiple variations of rampage which include:

  • Classic Rampage: The game variation listed above.
  • Wookiees vs SBDs: Some of the super battle droids weren't hacked and made it to Kashyyk for a deadly attack. Wookiees are represented by trandoshans who either only melee with blaster rifles, use bowcasters, or guided rocket launchers.
  • Sith vs SBDs: Multiple sith warriors are given a new test to become sith lords. They must fight an army of of some of the galaxies most deadly droids, heavy super battle droids. In this fight the sith warriors need 15 kills in the match to become lord who will gain the ability to melee with concussion rifles. Sith warriors can only melee with any weapon (except concussion rifles) and can use force lightning (represented by ec grenades).