This is a United Player Activity that takes place during the galactic civil war.


The stormtroopers will be represented by clone troopers. Stormtroopers are allowed to use blaster rifles, heavy acp repeaters (imperial shock troopers), sniper rifles (scout troopers), shot guns, anti armor attachments, concussion rifles (stomtrooper commanders), and blaster pistols (imperial officers). The storm commandos can be represented by clone commandos with black opps armor that have blaster rifles, acp reapters, or sniper rifles ;but if a storm commando is killed then he will be replaced with a stormtrooper. If there is a mod then stormtroopers can be given active cammo to become shadow troopers. The host must type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.clonetrooper in order to replace clone commandos with clone troopers.


The rebels will be represented by the trandoshans. Rebel soldiers will only use blaster rifles, blaster pistols, bowcasters (wookiee warriors), or sniper rifles. The rebels are also allowed to throw thermal detinators. There can never be more rebels than imperials.

Weapon Time

Before any match officially begins there will be weapon time where NO ONE is allowed to kill anyone until time runs out. Weapon time will last for 2 minutes. When the host says "Weapon time!" that means he has started counting. When time is up the host will say "Times Up!" which means the players will be allowed to kill other players. During this time, make sure you find legal weapons ,so the rebels will have time to find bowcasters, blaster rifles, or sniper rifles if they want them (or just use pistols).