Trandos vs Wookiees is a match where the trandoshan team fights the wookiee team.


Trandoshans (playing as the trandoshan team) have three classes. 

Trandoshan Mercinary: This is the primary trandoshan class. These trandoshans are armed with acp repeaters.

Trandoshan Slavers: These trandohans are armed with shot guns.

Trandoshan Elites: These trandoshans are armed with heavy acp repeaters.


Wookiees (playing as republic team) have three classes.

Wookiee Warrior: This is the primary wookie class. Wookiee warriors are armed with bowcasters.

Wookiee Beserkers: These are the wookiees that aren't able to use bowcasters or rockets. Instead they only melee with close combat blades (blaster rifle) their main role is close combat support.

Wookiee Vangaurd: These wookiees are armed with wookiee homing rocket launchers.