This page is for units.


Spy: One united player by himself.

Scouts: Two united players together.

Fire Team: Three united players together.

Squad: Four to five united players together.

War Party: Six to eight untied players together.

Platoon: Nine or more united players together.

Special Classes

Specialists: United players with grenade launchers or concussion rifles.

Heavy Troopers: United Players with chain guns , rocket launchers , or detached turrets ( this weapon is only in halo games).

Guards: United players with golf clubs and the sprint ability (only in halo reach)

Stealth Elites: These elites must have brown, black, or steal armor. They are only allowed to use covenant weapons (except for the plasma pistol) and they are only allowed to sue stealth ability (only in halo games).

Ultra Elites:  United players armed with plasma rifles and energy swords. Also with plasma grenades and must be elites with white or silver armor (only in halo games).

Zealots: United players only with energy swords (if you cna not immediately get them then plasma rifles or fuel rod guns will be tolerated) and if in halo reach with the sprint ability. Must be elites and if in halo reach must have sprint ability (only in halo games).