This page is for all the united player rules.

What should I do?Edit

The rules are simple behave and do not insult others. If you break these rules the you will first be warned, then banned for 3 days, then banned for 1 week, then banned for 1 month, and finally banned for 1 year. If you were not invited to are wiki and are not in our clan your still are allowed to be involved with us ,but if you were not invited and come just to insult us or anyone on this website in particular then you will be instanlly banned for 1 year.

Chat RulesEdit

For chat no spamming or insult others. If you disobey then you will be warned and if you still do then you will be kicked form the chat. If you return and still refuse to listen then you will get a 3 day ban, if you still do not take heed of orders then you get a week ban, if you week acting like a fool then you will get a month ban,and finally if you do not learn from all of that then you will be banned all year.

Video RulesEdit

No nudity exposing people's private body parts,no gore, and no drug use. Drug or alcohol reference is allowed as long as it is not being promoted to be drunken and everything must be relevant. Break these rules and your videos will be deleted and if you keep tring then you will get a 3 day ban, then a week ban, then a month ban, and fianlly a year ban.