Rocket launcher

This page is for explaining the slang term "noob" that is used by many players on games.

What is a noob?Edit

Technically, a noob is anyone that has an unfair advantage over the average player or someone that is new and does not understand a game.

Types of NoobsEdit

Noobs: The general and most common view of noobs are people with heavy weapons such as chain guns, rocket launchers, and more. Those armed with weapons that fire explosives are considered noobs as well or with over powered weapons.

Campers: Players that stay at the same spots of cover and wait for their enemies to come.

Half Noobs: This is a new popular term describing those that use slightly ovepowered weapons. Any weapon that kills a player in 2-3 shots, with a compassity over 2 shots a time before reloading that is in a game where players take at least 10 shots from standard weapons (rifle) is consdiered a half noob. The sniper rifles in halo and star wars republic commando are called half noobs but, not the ones in star wars battlefront games and call of duty are not.

Is it bad to be a noob?Edit

Well that's entirely your opinion.